The Grounds and Trails

Two thirds of the hotel’s beautiful 3.5-hectare (9-acre) property is composed of pristine cloud forest, including a stream, waterfall, and pond. Our forest is home to many endangered species and was included in 2011 in the National Network of Private Preserves. It is also a part of the Bellbird Biological Corridor, a natural corridor to afor the communication of the lowland forests with the temperate cloud forest. The hotel has a short self-guided trail for guests to explore.  Ave Del Sol – Trail Guide

Around the two chalets that compose the hotel, you will also find naturally landscaped gardens with luscious native plants, a vegetable and herb garden, and a beautiful spring water pond with a sun deck.  Immersed in the cloud forest but with open views of the Pacific Ocean in the horizon, the Hotel Belmar is located on a truly privileged property.

Aside from the private trail in the hotel’s preserve, our property is located in the entranceway of a few other trails. The most notable of these is Cerro Amigos, which is the highest mountain in the entire region. On clear days you can see the Pacific, the Arenal Volcano, and sometimes even glimpses of the Atlantic Ocean.

*Please note that our Hotel DOES NOT have a swimming pool.